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Since the strategic selection of our breeders until the product in your hands, our quality standards are in every step. At Florequisa we have a Propagation Area strategically prepared for the finest and most meticulous care of our cuttings in order to they can absorb all the necessary nutrients and be free of diseases or bacteria; this care allows for a much more stable flower crop. Our highly trained team, first class facilities allow us to create new flowers and varieties.


All our products are grown directly from our rich soil, we do not grow with hydroponics methods because our soil is rich in nutrients and allows us to grow beautiful, resistant and big flowers. Our techniques allow our staff to manage excelentlly the planting and cutting of the flowers, taking care of the production cycle of each of our flowers.


Our post-harvest receives more than 100,000 stems daily of the various products we produce, here we give the final care to each flower verifying cut stage, varieties classification, packaging, dyeing process and each customer recquirement, we make it possible. More than 400 people are in charge of providing the same care that has been handled since the seed.

Growers of Florigene Moon Series Carnations

Suntory Flowers’ world renowned lavender and purple carnation series: “Florigene Moon Series Carnations” is proudly produced by Florequisa. Varieties like Moonvista, Moonshade, Moonburst, Moonaqua, Moonlite, Moonstrike, Moonsnow, Mooncherry and Moonivory are harvested by our master growers. Our recognized quality has allowed us to be one of the two exclusive official producers in the world of this product. 

Florigene by Suntory Flowers and Florequisa
Florigene Moon Series Carnations


Our Production, Logistics and Distribution capacity allows us to handle a big volume hand in hand with our great service, making us the reliable supplier of hundreds of customers around the world. Our flowers reach millions of people, through our 2 containers per week and more than 5 trucks per day. Considering the time difference with many customers, our work schedule allows our Coordination team to always have your space reservations and flights confirmed in the early hours of the day, providing confidence to our customers that their shipment is in order and with their invoices on time and helping Cargo Agencies to receive the flowers on time.


The science behind the beauty and quality of our flowers. Laboratory Department keeps our flowers as free of bacteria, fungi and diseases as possible, by studying the soil and biological conditions we provide natural solutions to our products. Our Irrigation Department hydrates our flowers, from the waters of the Cayambe we provide the ideal solutions to nourish our flowers through our systems and equipment of the highest technology that allow us to save water.

Área de Laboratorio de Florequisa
Riego Florequisa


Our Commercial Team is with you 24/7. You can contact us whenever you need through: Mail, WhatsApp, Skype, Social Media, or WeChat. For the country you need your import we make it possible, our Foreign Trade team makes possible the export permits of all our products to any part of the world.


Our flowers are produced in strict standards of quality and responsibility. 

Florequisa - BASC Certified Farm
Flor Ecuador - Certified Farm