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    Proudly grown in Ecuador

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Florequisa is one of the most important Growers and Exporters of Fresh Cut Flowers in Ecuador and the world.


We create stable business relationships with good production cycles that guarantee your orders throughout the year. Our operations never stop offering our customers inconditional service even in adverse situations.


Besides of producing most demanded products in Flower Market, you can enjoy exclusive products, varieties and business alliances.


Florequisa reach all continents, our quality, beauty and service have led us being the ideal partner of highest demanding markets around the world.

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Our Flowers

Multiple varieties, multiple colors and multiple ways to enjoy Florequisa Flowers. Know more about our Natural, Dyed, Glittered and metallic products.


Know first-hand what our customers say about Florequisa

"Florequisa's Gypsophila has no comparison. Great quality, always arrives in excellent conditions either by air or sea transportation. Besides, my Account Executive who has become a truly friend is always supporting me. Florequisa is not only my biggest and best Gypsophila supplier, they are friends."

Paul, Chilean Customer
Gypsophila Producer - Florequisa Flower Growers

"I am very happy to work with Florequisa, it's great to work with them because their treat is amazing! They always keep my Standing Orders and take care of every detail. Actually, my clients only ask me for Florequisa's Mini Carnation because its quality is unmatched."

Javier, USA Customer

"I've worked with Florequisa for over 30 years. I started buying their Gypsophila and they are my reliable supplier, but now I started buying Minami Carnations and it's amazing how my customers have like them"

Jürgen, German Customer
Minamis produced by Florequisa

"We consider tFlorequisa a very professional Cut Flowers Farm, very efficient, organized and with high standard production facilities For Danziger, Florequisa is more than a customer, they are partners and act as a symbol of expertise in our industry Florequisa is a company with great leadership and talented team and we expect to have at least another 25 years of mutual collaboration with them."

Danziger Team
Fresh Flowers from Ecuador

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    Minami Carnations Boxes

    Unique packaging for unique products. Florequisa’s exclusive “Minami Series Carnations” now have their own packaging. Available in EB, QB and HB boxes.

    Florequisa in Wffsa 2021

    Florequisa in WFFSA | Floral Distribution 2021

    Florequisa was in WFFSA 2021 in Miami, Florida and we were one of the most recognized stands for our amazing Gypsophila Stand.

    Florequisa joined National Vaccination Plan immunizing hundreds of people from Cayambe and Otón communities, including our whole team.