Florequisa was founded in 1985 in Otón, in a place called The Wind Valley, “Guairapamba” by Elena Terán and her partners, being one of the first Flower Companies in Ecuador. Elena Terán managed the company since its beginnings, being one of the first women in Ecuadorian Flower Industry. Florequisa’s founders and Elena Terán set a legacy in floriculture and every people’s heart. For Elena Terán, Florequisa is not only a company, it’s her life; and the people, her greatest gift. Always looking for all its people to keep going, to study, to be a strength at home and always seeking to empower the Ecuadorian woman and especially Florequisa woman.

Our founders have been a key piece in Florequisa thanks to their great experience, knowledge and love for this industry, they raised this company making it globally recognized for its high quality, professionalism and exceptional service, setting a paradigm for other Flower Companies. Florequisa has empowered work, personal and professional growth of its people, allowing a great part of them grow in the company since their early years, like our current General Manager, Javier Yépez, who learned and lived most of his life in Florequisa and now in a teamwork with our founders, leads the management of the company keeping the same human philosophy and love for the company and its people. 

Today, we’ve become one of the 5 Ecuador’s Leading Flower Growers and Exporters of Fresh Cut Flowers, but we are more than that. We are the second home for hundreds of people; economic and labor strength for Flower Industry and Ecuador; we strive to become the best place to work, we are Otón’s heart


Provide an experience to our people, clients and suppliers, thanks to production and exportation of fresh flowers, being the quality of our product, the standard of living of our collaborators in the company, the care of the environment and the trust of our clients. guarantee of our product.


For the following decade be the most important Ecuadorian Flower Company; worldwide recognized by our clients, suppliers and workers; positioning and expanding Florequisa brand worldwide.


People first


Feel the Difference


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We firmly believe that your workplace must be your happy place. That’s why we strive to create the ideal second home for our people and be the best place to work! Know more about Florequisa Life 🙂

Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Florequisa


‘Union Florequisa’ is a financial institution owned by Florequisa regulated by the Superintendency of Popular and Solidarity Economy. This exclusive benefit of our collaborators, allow them to access to different kind of credits with better payment conditions and interest rates, as well as allowing them to invest their savings. Thanks to this benefit, multiple people could built their houses, can pay the education of their children and support their families.

Mini Market - Florequisa


‘Comisariato Florequisa’ is an exclusive benefit for our people. We have 4 Mini Markets distributed in the farm where our people can buy food, cleaning materials, baby supplies, jewelry, appliances, clothing, and more. We offer them a better and affordable payment method.

Innovation Florequisa

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Contest

This contest allows our people to be listened and share with us about the initiatives for our company. Our people contribute with their ideas seeking to an improvement in processes, quality, culture, technology, environmental care, social responsibility, etc. The company provides all the support to the execution of the best ideas and we reward them with multiple benefits.

Happy Place to Work - Florequisa

Happy Place

Certain areas of our farm are inspired by a circus, full of colors, pictures of clowns and good music (we bet it will make you wanna dance) we don’t want robots, we want happy people!

We also make our people take an active pause during the day where they stretch or exercise and then they continue with their work.

Programa de Ascenso Laboral - Florequisa

Promotion Program

All our people can be part of this program through technical, theorical and leadership tests to obtain a higher position and continue growing in the company, because we value experience, attitude, love for the company and the desire to contribute to Florequisa.

Cuidado Ambiental - Florequisa

Environmental Care

Periodically, all our people are part of an environmental care program where we plant trees in Otón area in order to provide more oxygen to our planet. Our message is: “Harmony between men and nature”

Alimentación Florequisa Ecuador

Nutritional Food

We have a Nutritional Plan based on the needs of our people. We provide breakfast and lunch for all of our collaborators and dinner for our night staff.

Mejor Lugar para Trabajar - Florequisa

Florequisa once, Florequisa forever

Details lovers, yes, call us like this. At Florequisa we’ll always make your first day at work, birthday, work anniversary, every special moment of your life, totally unforgettable! Once you are part of our family, you will never can take us out of your heart.

Motivation & Coaching

We say goodbye to stress! We take care of our people’s Mental Health and we invest in their motivation, leadership, teamwork and their happiness. Know more about how we make our people happy in our company through coaching sessions where all our people can live unforgettable experiences for their personal and professional lifes.



How many companies tell you: “I’m different”? But in Florequisa we don’t tell you, we let our experience show you by itself. You must live the Florequisa experience to truly feel what’s the difference!

We produce flowers, we create LIFE! You must feel the texture of our flowers, the strength of our stems, delight at our colors, check the quality, share moments and enjoy the treatment that our people provide. Let yourself be carried away of counting with Florequisa day by day.

This is where our concept and slogan were born: “Feel the Difference” because is not only offering a different product to another farm, it is living an experience!

You won't be one more client and we won't be one more farm

For Florequisa you’re not a number, you’re a new member of our family and we treat you as it.

Executive by formality, friends by heart

Each executive is strategically assigned to help you, but more than working together we seek to be your friend.


Win- Win

We seek everyone’s benefit. The benefit of our clients, collaborators and industry are also ours.


Once you know Florequisa, you definitely love it.

Better things are always yet to come

Have we done it all? NO! There is always something new to create


Javier Yépez, Florequisa Flower Growers

Javier Yépez

General Manager

Guillermo Vargas - Florequisa


Technical Manager

Ricardo Morales - Florequisa



Daniela Garcés - Florequisa Marketing



Tanya Yépez - Florequisa



Berenice Vera - Florequisa

berenice vera

sales executive

Luis Defaz - Florequisa



Lorena Jaramillo Florequisa Sales


sales executive

ready to make the difference?


Florequisa forms day by day a "Dream Team" we look for passionate, capable, upright and responsible people who will walk with us to the goal. Would you like to be part of the adventure?

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All our departments are managed from our farm in Otón.

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