Minami Carnations Boxes

New Packaging – Minami Carnations and the behind scenes of this work

It’s a reality! Our exclusive Minami Carnations now have their exclusive packaging. After months of work, ideas and changes, today our customers can enjoy this exclusive product in EB, QB and HB boxes.

“The Minami Carnations have had a great acceptance in the market, it’s incredible the demand for this product and how happy our customers are buying our products. When we went to the WFFSA 2021 Floral Expo in Miami a visitor came up to me and said: Are they roses? I replied no, they are our Minami Carnations and he was amazed to see the great size of our Minamis.”Tanya Yépez, Florequisa’s Sales Executive.

Minami Carnations became the product of choice for hundreds of importers, wholesalers, florists, brokers and ecommerce around the world. What make these carnations so unique is their bigger size, superior to normal carnations; their great vase life; great absorption in dyeing processes and obviously for being unique varieties that surpass the level of beauty! 

Minami Feedback
Minami Feedback

“In Florequisa we’re committed to make you feel the difference thanks to our quality in products, processes, service and innovation. We seek to exceed the expectations not only of our customers, but also of our people, suppliers and everyone who knows Florequisa.”Javier Yépez, Florequisa’s General Manager.

The best came with Dyed Minami collection, this started in 2019 thanks to the joint work of Sales Management, Marketing and Post Harvest. “We started the essays and it was amazing to unleash our creativity and enjoy how each color looks in each variety”says  Ricardo Morales, Florequisa’s Post Harvest Manager.

That’s how Minamis became more than just carnations. Minamis really came to give a new meaning to carnation flowers. “It’s incredible to see the craze that these carnations cause, the feedback is spectacular, that’s why we started to give the Minamis the prominence they deserve and we gave the 40 names that each Dyed Minami has and obviously this new packaging. This new packaging seeks to provide the touch of elegance, exclusivity and fine beauty that has characterized our product and Florequisa, our butterfly that guides our way of ideas, creativity and blooms our beauty stands out in this packaging. We are in continuous improvement and changes, cause better things are ALWAYS YET TO COME, this 2022 we will definitely surprise you more!” says Daniela Garcés, Florequisa’s Marketing Coordinator.

Daniela Garcés, designer of this new packaging.
Behind the scenes of our photo shoot
Champ, our doggy friend enjoying our new packaging.

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